We coach leaders, facilitate strategic planning, and build teams in simple, powerful ways. We are passionate about leadership at every level of professional and personal development. Our clients are transformational leaders who build a better world.

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Executive Coaching

Find clarity of purpose. Communicate effectively and inspire others.  Manage people better. Breakthrough barriers to success. Create a vision, set goals, and succeed. Develop strong leadership presence. Convert the intuition that guides your leadership decisions into powerful intention to execute your plans. Reduce stress and increase productivity.

Strategic Planning

Routine attempts to regroup, redirect, and guide an organization can make for stale conversations. Engage in thoughtful dialogue with built-in opportunities for deep reflection. Keep it fun! Simplify the process by tapping into the collective wisdom. We tailor strategic planning sessions to match the needs of innovative organizations.

Team Building

Strength in numbers is a must for success. Every valued team member is an important asset. Are team members playing to their strengths? Are they inspired? Are they unified? How do team members communicate with, and relate to each other? Would your team be more effective with clients with public speaking professional development workshops?


Rufina Garay is passionate about leadership.  Leaders in finance, education, and technology work with and inspire her. Originally trained as a corporate biotech attorney and mediator, Rufina helps leaders find solutions, simplify complex problems, and reduce or avoid conflict.

As an executive coach, Rufina uses an effective holistic approach to meet each client’s needs. She is certified by CAPT in Myers-Briggs® type assessments and combines this work with an understanding of emotional intelligence in the workplace to develop leaders. She believes that many of the answers needed already lie within and only require time and space to surface to the top.

In Rufina’s spare time, she contributes to the health consciousness and balanced approach to life of others by teaching nutrition at a culinary institute as an adjunct chef instructor and teaching qi gong and tai chi at a local university.

It takes intention and healthy balance to venture deeply into our passions in life. This is your invitation.

Stand at the crossroads and venture into your passion.